GUARD-AV ārtelpu detektors, PIR, MW

GUARD-AV ārtelpu detektors, PIR, MW
Modelis: GUARD-AV
Pieejamība: Pieejams
Cena: 78,00€

GUARD-AV is actually the same product as GUARD, but without the Anti-masking and Shock & Vibration Sensor.

  • 4-dimensional, all-in-one motion detector.

  • Two PIR sensors.

  • Microwave sensor.

  • Waterproof and all-weather resistant.

  • Pet immune.

  • Lighting immune.

  • Microprocessor controlled.

  • Selectable PIR detection sensitivity.

  • Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity.

  • Selectable detection technology combination (AND/OR).

  • Memory latched input.

  • Wide-angle (110°) field-of-view.

  • Auto temperature compensation.

  • High level of RFI/EMI immunity.

  • Vertical adjustment.

  • Multi-directional Mounting BRACKET (Option).

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