GUARD ārtelpu detektors PIR/MW/Anti-mask

GUARD ārtelpu detektors PIR/MW/Anti-mask
Modelis: GUARD MW+IR
Pieejamība: Pieejams
Cena: 91,50€

4-dimensional, all-in-one motion detector.
Two PIR sensors.
Microwave sensor.
Waterproof and all-weather resistant.
Pet immune.
Frontal Anti-masking, by active infrared.
Unique 360° Anti-masking, by microwave.
Anti-case-shifting, by inertial switch:
Alerts when detector has been shifted (Option).
Lighting immune.
Microprocessor controlled.
Selectable PIR detection sensitivity.
Selectable Microwave detection sensitivity.
Selectable detection technology combination (AND/OR).
Memory latched input.
Wide-angle (110°) field-of-view.
Auto temperature compensation.
High level of RFI/EMI immunity.
Vertical adjustment.
Multi-directional Mounting BRACKET (Option).
Power Supply - 10 to 16V DC.
Current drain - 24mA @ 12V.
Alarm contacts - Changeover relay (N.C. or N.O.) 0.25A/50V DC, Max.
Masking contacts - (N.C.) 0.1A/28V DC, Max.
Tamper switch contacts - (N.C.) 0.1A/28V DC, Max.
Warm-up time - 1 Minute
Detection speed - 0.1 ~ 5 m/sec.
Alarm time - 2 Sec.
Response time to masking - Up to 2 Minutes
Masking relay activation time - All time of masking (at least 2 Sec.)
RFI immunity - Greater than 20V/M, DC to 1GHz
Operating temperature - (-)37°C ~ 70°C (-4°F ~ 158°F).
Humidity withstand - 95%
Microwave frequency - 10.525 GHz.
Dimensions - HxWxD 160 x 95 x 59 mm.

GUARD MW+IR detector with anti-mask

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