OUT-SMART ārtelpu kustībsa detektors PIR/MW/Anti-mask

OUT-SMART ārtelpu kustībsa detektors PIR/MW/Anti-mask
Modelis: OUT-SMART
Pieejamība: Pieejams
Cena: 101,00€

Dual Technology: 2 x PIR sensors plus Microwave sensor;
Flexible installation height, between 1 ~2 meters;
Pet immune;
Selectable horizontal detection angle 120°, 105°, 90°;
Waterproof and all weather resistance;
Remote controlled: Detector settings can also be controlled by Remote Control (option);
Anti-vandalism sensor (Shock & Vibration);
Bracket-free mounting, Multi-directional: Aiming is done within the detector. Internal unit rotates horizontally 180 degrees;
AutoNight Detection Range: detection range can be automatically changed to a different re-programmed detection range at night (darkness);
Tone indication will be heard during any detection event;
DVR/Camera Trigger;
Front and back TAMPER switch;
Auto temperature compensation;
Lightning protected;
Power Supply 11 to 14V DC;
Current drain Standby: 35mA (Max.);
Operation: 70 mA (Max.);
Alarm contacts endurance (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA;
Anti-masking relay contacts endurance (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA;
Tamper switch endurance (N.C.) 15V DC / 20 mA;
Warm-up time 1 Minute;
Alarm time 2 Seconds (Programmable from 1 to 99 Seconds by the optional Remote Control);
Response time to masking 90 Seconds (Max.);
Anti-masking relay respond time As long as Masking persists (at least 2 seconds);
Motion detection coverage Selectable 90°, 105° or 120°,12 meter;
Operating temperature (-)37°C ~ (+)70°C.

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