MSTAY Cofem sinālizācijas modulis

MSTAY Cofem sinālizācijas modulis
Modelis: MSTAY
Pieejamība: Pieejams
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Microprocessed algorithmic addressable device (with short-circuit isolator) installed as another element inside the loop.

It has two inputs to distinguish between the open or close state of a dry contact connected in series with a 10 k? resistor.  In quiescent condition, the contact has to be open, and in anomaly condition, the contact has to be closed.  In the first input (marked with IN1), the closed contact is detected as an ALARM condition.  In the second input (marked with IN2), the closed contact is detected as FAULT warning condition.  It is possible to associate both inputs having an alarm and fault conditions information.

In the quiescent condition, the device supervises the electrical connection through a 33 k? resistor, which allows indication of open or closed electrical connection status.

It is typically used to signal the status of other detection systems that may exist, as for example, connection of flow sensors in the case of sprinkler installations, end of travel in the case of fire-resistant doors, elevators, level of deposits, etc.

The flashing of the transparent red LED indicates communication with the control panel, and if it remains lit, it indicates an alarm status.  The illumination of the green LED indicates activation of one or both inputs.

This device has an output for connection to a remote action indicator, which is activated when in alarm status.  This element is electrical fed through the loop connection.

The device is placed in a rectangular, heat-resistant ABS box.

The module is certified according to EN 54-18 Standard, and CE mark according to the European Regulation of Construction Products (UE) N°305/2011.

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