FT-68 Siganaline termokabelis, 68*C, PVC

FT-68 Siganaline termokabelis, 68*C, PVC
Modelis: FT-68
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Signaline Fixed Temperature Heat Sensing Cable (Signaline FT) detects a build up of heat anywhere along its length. When any point along the length of the cable reaches a predetermined temperature an alarm is initiated.
Signaline FT is available in four different temperature settings and two outer cover options making the Signaline FT suitable for use in a very wide range of applications.

Signaline FT Operation
Signaline FT is comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated with a heat sensitive polymer that are twisted together. At the rated temperature the heat sensitive polymer insulation breaks down permitting the steel conductors to move into contact with each other. This forms a closed switch contact that can be used to signal an alarm condition at the control panel.

Alarm temperature - 68°C;
Maximum Ambient emperature - 45°C;
Outer Sheath Material - PVC, red;
Overall diameter - 3,5mm.;
Conductor resistance - 0,190 Ω/m at 20°C;
Max. voltage 42V DC or 30V AC;
Dielectric Withstand - 500V DC;
Tensile Strenght - 1700 N/mm²;
Minimum bend radius - 75mm.;

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