Signaline HD-S analogais termokabelis

Signaline HD-S analogais termokabelis
Modelis: HD-S
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Signaline HD-S is an analogue heat sensing cable that monitors significant increases in temperature. An electronic controller connected to the cable monitors the condition of the cable to sense any change in temperature by continually measuring the electrical resistance between the metallic core and screen. If the change in temperature is sufficient the controller creates an alarm. The controller is easily adjusted for the length of cable being used. Most importantly analogue heat sensing cable is resettable.

Signaline HD-S Cable Specification
Outer cover - Red colour PVC + Stainless steel braid
Minimum Bend Radius - 20mm
Weight - 3.0Kg /100 metres
Coaxial Construction: Inner Core - Copper coated steel
                                    Insulation - Heat sensitive polymer
                                    Braid - Tinned copper wire
Tensile Strength: Greater than 200N
Conductor Resistance: 2 ohms Screen and core per 100 metres
Diameter: 2.8mm nominal.
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +70°C Ambient
Alarm Temperature range: Typical - 1 metre alarm range 70 to 125°C
                                                         - 10 metre alarm range 45 to 100°C

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