ROSHNI Fulleon Sirēna ar zibspuldzi, 24V, EN-54

ROSHNI Fulleon Sirēna ar zibspuldzi, 24V, EN-54
Modelis: ROSHNI
Pieejamība: Pieejams
Cena: 60,00€


The RoLP LX Wall base is ideal for dual use applications where a visual alarm device is required in addition to an audible alarm. Recommended for wall use and requiring just one installation point, the RoLP LX Wall is available to use with any standard RoLP sounder, including the high output RoLP Maxi sounder.

Conforms with EN 54-23 (meets the required illumination 0.4lux/m2 over entire area) 

Mounting Type - Wall
Voltage: 18 - 28 VDC
Current: 22 - 37mA dependant on setting
Coverage (y) - 7.5m (switchable to 2.5m)
Mounting Height (x) - 2.4m (max)
Coverage Volume Code - W-2.4-7.5
Coverage Volume - 135m2 (15m3)
Flash Rate - 1Hz (Switchable to 0.5Hz)
Temperature -25oC to +70oC
Monitoring - Reverse Polarity
Protection - IP65
Weight - 200g
Body Colour - Red
Flash Colour - Red
Sound Output  102dB(A) (Typical tone 3 - RoLP)

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